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Create a personal ship list and use your time efficiently

The MyFleets function is an ideal tool for quickly and easily monitoring, adding, grouping and sharing particular vessels with colleagues. With the help of a comment field you can easily attach tags to certain vessels or fleet lists and monitor changes in status. This way, no time is wasted searching for the same ships over and over again.

Increase efficiency

Based on various criteria such as type of vessel, flag or owner, the user clicks quickly and easily together different types of fleet lists. Links with, for example, Port Arrivals & Departures and Track & Trace make it clear at a glance which ships belong to your own fleet list. In this way, you can easily maintain an overview and filter all information that only applies to ships of your interest.

Because of the integration with the MyAlerts function, it is possible to quickly and easily link alerts to the entire fleet list (fleet monitoring), but also for each individual ship. For example, if you are a party that supplies marine equipment and you want to know which ships belonging to a certain management will soon be calling at the port of Rotterdam, for example. By adding the ship to a fleet list and linking it to the MyAlerts function, you will be informed immediately when the ship is expected.

You use this function when you:

  1. Want to save time by receiving customised information
  2. Want to filter information to what is of interest to you
  3. Create an ordered list of vessels
  4. Want to be able to quickly recognise ships by means of different colours

Try MyFleets now

This function is a great solution for anyone who wants to be able to filter information quickly and make an overview.