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How Ship2Report makes the difference!

What our customers say

We have collected a number of interesting case studies showing the issues we have solved. How Ship2Report makes a difference to our customers every day. Want to know what we can do for your organisation? Feel free to contact us

Customer cases

What some of our customers say:

logo van Draeger

Ship2Report is a good addition to our daily planning. Registering our service technicians with the agent is easy. With Ship2Report, we have direct insight into the position and arrival time of the ship. This allows us to properly coordinate the work on board with our customers

logo van EBS

Ship2report is indispensable in our planning. The information we need such as ETA, ship data, etc. can be found in Ship2Report.

logo van Fairway

The Ship2Report tool is indispensable for us to retrieve ship data and monitor the ISPS notifications at the terminals.

logo van KNMI

We use Ship2Report to monitor the arrival and departure times of our ships which make meteorological observations. We also like to use the general ship information from the Lloyds database. The fleet lists are crucial to prevent us from having to rummage through all the ships. The ISPS registration option is fast and also saves us work. The option of adding notes to the ships is a good reminder. Great website!

logo van Intertek

Ship data, position, course and ETA are very important. You can find all this information in Ship2Report.

logo van MarFlex

The ability to create and track one's own fleet is very convenient.

logo van Trident

The ISPS function for Rotterdam is very convenient and easy to work with

logo van Gemeente Vlaardingen

Always and everywhere available. Reliable and useful.

logo van meis

Ship2Report provides excellent information. It's a transparent web application and easy to access.

logo van UMC

Ship2Report is a clear and easy-to-use system

logo van Alere Toxicology

Direct way of registering, online and reachable by phone day and night, direct insight in the berth and expected arrival of the ship, information about the agent, with phone number. In addition, you can contact Dirkzwager if you want to know something specific.

Experience the power of Ship2Report now

Ship2Report is a widely used tool for suppliers, forwarders, barge operators, shipping agents and terminals, among others. In short, everyone in the port community who needs to know exactly when they need to be where in order to ensure timely service to customers and suppliers.