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How NeKo Group uses Ship2Report everyday to save an enormous amount of time

About NeKo Group

Based in Rotterdam and Algeciras, NeKo Ship Supply is a leading provider of marine services to shipowners, shipmanagers and caterers. We take care of the needs of merchant vessels, cruise vessels, mega yachts and offshore rigs, whenever and wherever

The question

Proper planning is essential to ensure that all of the ships are supplied smoothly. NeKo delivers 24/7 door heel Europe and benefits from clear and reliable information.

The solution

Especially for NeKo Ship Supply BV we have compiled overviews in which it becomes immediately clear whether a ship will meet the planned arrival time or not. In addition, we also provided an easy link with our ISPS registration system so that the NeKo employee can board immediately upon arrival of the ship. This saves an enormous amount of time every day and also ensures that NeKo can offer its customers a good and reliable service.