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How Sunny Europe uses Ship2Report
to make a correct and efficient port planning

About Sunny Europe

Sunny Europe, based in Antwerp with branch offices in Spijkenisse and Hamburg, has maintained a close relationship with crew of sea-going vessels for 35 years. They supply the crew, tax-free, a wide range of products in several ports through the following channels: their own store and webshop or thru a representative on board. For the efficient planning of sales and delivery, Sunny Europe uses, among other things, Ship2Report to obtain vessel information.

The question

The correct information about arrival and departure times and the exact berth of a ship are crucial. In addition, for each visit on board, the person in question must be pre announced. These are many actions that need to be executed every day performed and that take a lot of time.

The solution

Royal Dirkzwager has built two web services especially for Sunny Europe.Those webservices are used to retrieve ship information and to register visitors. Sunny Europe processes this information in its own ERP system, so that the information can be linked to the planning, sales and delivery processes. When an employee is scheduled to board a ship, the web service is approached which forwards the pre-announcement to Ship2Report, which then takes care of delivering the announcement at the terminals.

The result

With this solution, Sunny Europe saves a lot of time in retrieving information and announcing their visits on board vessels. Due to the fact that the process is now an automated system, the number of errors has fallen dramatically.