Grip op je havenplanning

Gebruikers van Ship2Report beschikken 24/7 over een schat aan actuele kennis en hebben op elk gewenst moment toegang tot de verwachte aankomst of vertrektijd van een zeeschip. Betrouwbaar, duidelijk en toegankelijk.


Ship2Report is een compleet webbased systeem met 24/7 real-time informatie over reisgegevens, stamgegevens en positiegegevens van zeeschepen. Deze informatie is onderverdeeld in verschillende modules: Port Arrivals & Departures, Vessel Details en Track & Trace.


Aanvullend biedt Ship2Report met MyFleets, MyAlerts en ISPS een compleet actueel overzicht inclusief vroegtijdige signalering van uitzonderingsgevallen. Zo krijg je grip op je terminal- en havenplanning. 

Port Arrivals & Departures

All arrival and departure times of ocean vessels available in real time


This unique feature provides global voyage data for ocean-going vessels.. The ETA is an important part of this. The data is presented in a clear manner and is validated and valued 24/7 by our experts making the information displayed reliable and up-to-date. In short, this feature is a godsend for anyone who wants to quickly see what activities are expected in order to create an efficient port schedule

Live ship tracking

Track & Trace


This feature provides up-to-date information on the position of ships. Where is the ship located, how is she moored and when is she scheduled to depart. Literally anywhere in the world you can track ship movements. By interfacing with the MyAlerts module, this is an ideal feature for anyone who wants a clear overview of vessel location and has little time to continuously monitor a vessel.


Create a personal ship list and use your time efficiently.


Create your own fleet list and organize your work. The MyFleet feature is an ideal tool to quickly and easily monitor, add, group and share specific vessels with colleagues. A comments field allows you to easily attach tags to specific ships or fleet lists and monitor changes in status. This way, you won’t waste time searching for the same ships over and over again;

Why Ship2Report?

Royal Dirkzwager’s Ship2Report automates time-consuming tasks of planners, logistics staff and operations managers. The strength of this web-based information platform is that all that information is now optimally integrated and linked. This facilitates your own planning and allows you to respond more quickly to changes. This allows you to keep a grip on the logistics chain and ensure that transport from A to B is as efficient and sustainable as possible.

24/7 Status Updates

No surprises through better insight and early detection of exception cases. By setting up various alerts, you are actively informed when something changes. For example, an ETA alert alerts you when a significant change occurs. This creates more control over port planning.

Good planning

Plan your onboarding service optimally. You are not too early, not too late but right on time. Ship2Report provides insight into exact berth numbers in the port of ships plus associated agent data. Arrival and departure information is always retrievable and applicable for ports worldwide.

World coverage

Key shipping areas and global passage points in view with Ship2Report. At a glance, the status of the ship is clear. Easy to interface with and integrate into your own system.

To know how Ship2Report can make a difference for your organization

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