24/7 Maritime Intelligence & ISPS Security Platform

Control your port planning with up-to-date vessel locations, characteristics and real-time arrival and departure times.

Customizable Software Modules Tailored to Your Maritime Business

Ship2Report is a web-based platform for 24/7 real-time ocean vessel data, including voyage, vessel, and position info. Key modules are Port Arrivals & Departures, Vessel Details, and Track & Trace. With MyFleets, MyAlerts, and ISPS, users can efficiently manage terminal and port planning.

Why Ship2Report?

Royal Dirkzwager’s Ship2Report automates time-consuming tasks of planners, logistics staff and operations managers. The strength of this web-based information platform is that all that information is now optimally integrated and linked. This facilitates your own planning and allows you to respond more quickly to changes. This allows you to keep a grip on the logistics chain and ensure that transport from A to B is as efficient and sustainable as possible.

24/7 Status Updates

No surprises through better insight and early detection of exception cases. By setting up various alerts, you are actively informed when something changes. For example, an ETA alert alerts you when a significant change occurs. This creates more control over port planning.

Good planning

Plan your onboarding service optimally. You are not too early, not too late but right on time. Ship2Report provides insight into exact berth numbers in the port of ships plus associated agent data. Arrival and departure information is always retrievable and applicable for ports worldwide.

World coverage

Key shipping areas and global passage points in view with Ship2Report. At a glance, the status of the ship is clear. Easy to interface with and integrate into your own system.

To know how Ship2Report can make a difference for your organization

We have collected some interesting case studies showing the issues we have solved. How Ship2Report makes a difference for our customers every day. Want to know what we can do for your organization,