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Stay informed about important changes and get a grip on your planning.

An ETA alert actively warns you when an important change occurs. A change in the port of destination is reported immediately. Receive information about changes at the moment they occur. No more surprises through better insight and early notification of changes. That is what the MyAlerts module of Ship2Report means. Current and correct information anytime, anywhere!

Continuous monitoring of events

Many events in a port or during a port call involve processes that you cannot monitor continuously. You therefore lose valuable time keeping track of these events and changes. With the MyAlerts feature, we provide you with push notifications that are delivered via email, SMS or via the Ship2Report app. This way, you will receive a notification when the event occurs. Important information such as when the ship weighs anchor or the pilot comes on board will be sent to you immediately.


The messages and notifications are sent according to your wishes. It is possible to have them sent to several persons, computer systems or a combination of these at the same time.

You can use this module if you:

  • Save time on actively searching for the status of a ship
  • Want to receive automatic notifications about your ship fleet
  • Always have the most current information available everywhere

Try MyAlerts now

This feature is a great solution for anyone who wants to quickly see what activities are expected in order to make efficient port planning.