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Frequently Asked Questions


New login as per June 14th 2023 - How can I update my Ship2Report login account

On Wednesday June 14th 07:00 we will release an important security update to the login procedure of Ship2Report.

What are the changes?

  • Your email address will become your username
  • Enhanced password requirements (length & special characters)


  • Wednesday 14th of June 07.00 hrs


If you are currently sharing your login details with colleagues, please decide which email adres you will be using to login to Ship2Report going forward. The e-mail address you use must be unique.

Click here to download the detailed instructions (manual in Dutch and English).


If you forsee any problems please let us know:

I don't have access to Ship2Report

If you subscribe with us, you will receive your personal login details for Ship2Report within one working day. We are more than happy to to tell you more about the various options and subscriptions available within Ship2Report.

Which browser do you recommend for fast and optimal performance of Ship2Report?

Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome

My password has expired, how do I request a new one?

You can click the ‘Lost Password’ option on the login page, after which a new password will be sent to you by e-mail.

If you do not receive an e-mail, please send a request for a new password by e-mail to our service desk, stating your user name.

How can I change my password?

If you are logged in, you can change the current password via the ‘Settings’ (cog in the menu bar).

Our company has a subscription with a number of login accounts, how can I increase the number of accounts?

Please send the request to, state in the message for which colleague (name and e-mail address) you would like to receive a login account and it will be created.

I get the message 'Your current account does not allow you to access this part of the application' while I did have access yesterday.

This problem is probably caused by the cookies on your PC. This can be solved easily by deleting the cookies.


Delete cookies Chrome:

Click on the ‘Adjust and manage Google Chrome’ icon. This is the icon with three dashes Delete Cookies_adjust. Click on More Tools > Clear Browsing Data. A new window will open. Tick the Cookies and other site and plug-in data box, if it is not already ticked. In the ‘Delete the following items from’ section, select the point in time at which the cookies should be deleted.

Click on Delete Browse Data, then close and restart Chrome.


Delete cookies Internet Explorer:

Click on the “Tools” icon. This is the icon of a cogwheel CookiesPlease delete_togwheel.

Click on Security > Delete browsing history. You can now indicate which items you want to delete, including cookies. Tick the Cookies and Website Data box if it is not already ticked. Click Delete, then close and restart Internet Explorer completely.


My announcement is not known at the terminal so I cannot enter the premises

First of all, you can check the status of your application, which probably needs to be approved by the agent, so please contact them.

I can only sign up for ships that call at the port of Rotterdam, but I regularly have to visit ships in Amsterdam

You can expand your current subscription with ISPS Amsterdam, please contact the Sales department.


I only see ships on the map that are inland or near the coast but no ships on the oceans.

You probably have a land based AIS subscription, which shows ships up to approx. 40 km from shore. If you want global coverage, you can extend your subscription to include Satellite AIS.

Is it possible to show anchor areas or port numbers on the map? And can I save a certain location on the map?

Yes, this is possible with the filters which you can activate on the AIS map, here you can also select your ships (My Vessels / My Fleets), or filter certain types of ships. In addition, a certain location can be shown quickly.

The map can be zoomed in and out by pressing the + or 1 button.

Alerts & Notifications

Is it possible to receive a notification when a ship calls at the port of Rotterdam?

You can expand your subscription with MyAlert, which allows you to receive certain alerts via e-mail or SMS, such as messages focusing on changes within a voyage, changes to the ship’s master data or changes to the AIS transponder

How can I change my mobile phone number or e-mail address to receive an Alert?

You can adjust this in the ‘Settings’ (cog in the menu bar).

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Can’t find your question? Please contact us or call me back


For Ship2Report users, we have compiled a complete manual. It explains exactly how Ship2Report works and what the functions of the various modules are. It also contains all sorts of handy tips and tricks to make working with Ship2Report even easier.

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