ISPS Ship Security - Made Easy

Safe, fast and reliable 24/7 ISPS service

The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) platform has been developed by Royal Dirkzwager with the support of the port security team of the Port of Rotterdam Authority and a number of industry associations.

ISPS is a user-friendly and automated system. It is available to all ships expected at or berthed in the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Ship Visitors

Ship2Report simplifies communication for Stevedores, Surveyors and Suppliers visiting ships, enabling them to quickly submit announcements and improve efficiency.


Ship Agents

Ship2Report enables agents to quickly approve ship visits from anywhere, in compliance with the ISPS code. Streamline approvals and improve security.


Port Terminals

Ship2Report streamlines terminal operations by providing real-time updates on expected visitors and responsible agents, improving efficiency and reducing delays.

Mandatory ISPS Code

Vessels may only be visited in ports if the shipowner’s agent, on behalf of the master, gives permission. This is one of the safety regulations in the ISPS code. These are many actions that must be carried out every day and which take up a lot of time. For the announcement of on-board visits in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Royal Dirkzwager offers a fast and safe ISPS service.


ISPS Mobile App


Visitors notify their intended visit via the ISPS module of Ship2Report or via the ISPS app. The announcement then reaches the responsible ship’s agent. If the agent approves the intended visit, it is forwarded to the terminal(s) where the ship docks. If they also give permission, the visitor knows that he can and may visit the ship without any problems.

ISPS Procedure Explained

Automatic feedback

The system automatically sends the status of the announcement back to the visitor. The actual status can be viewed via the dashboard in the Ship2Report application and in the ISPS app.

The benefits

You can use this module if you:

  • want to come on board a ship, have to perform a certain service on board and/or want to sell a product or service.
  • want to save time and paperwork when registering ships.
  • want to avoid wasting time at the terminal gate.
  • want to ensure the safety of your ships and keep control over the visits of suppliers, technicians and family members of sailing personnel.
  • want to ensure the safety of your ships and keep control over the visits of suppliers, technicians and family members of sailing personnel.
  • need to have an up-to-date and reliable overview of approved and refused visits.

For whom?

  1. Visitors who want to board ships to provide services, carry out work or offer services.
  2. Shipping agents who want to see at a glance which people want to visit which ships. With the press of a button, visitors can receive permission from the captain of the ship to come on board, but it is also possible to refuse visitors.
  3. Terminals that want to know which people are expected to visit which ships.

Experience the power of ISPS now

Our ISPS service is the only one to offer a fully controlled and integrated web-based service for the handling of visitor pre-announcements.